Mission Brief

Secret Agent ‘Stache: Mission 000 is an interactive livestream NFT game built on the WAX blockchain. The objective of the game is to interact, have fun, & help Secret Agent ‘Stache complete his NFT gaming missions every Thursday on his livestream.

Getting Started

Standard & TOP SECRET mission card packs contain crafting NFTs called “build cards”. You use these build cards to put together the different pieces of the NFTs to create a playable card. Only these final NFTs that you craft are able to be played during the livestream.

There are 2 types of playable NFT cards; Disguise Change cards & Action cards.

Disguise Change cards consist of 2-4 build cards to craft and when played during the livestream, they make ‘Stache change into that disguise.

Action cards consist of 2 build cards to craft and when played during the livestream, they make ‘Stache perform the action on the card.

Playing The Game

To play the game, you need to join the Secret Agent ‘Stache livestream every Thursday at 4pm PST (7pm EST). During the livestream, go to the Play tab on this website and redeem your NFT while the show is live.

When you redeem your NFT you will lose it forever. This is called “burning” an NFT and it means that it is removed from the blockchain and is destroyed.

There are limitations as to how many of each card can be redeemed during each show and at what portion of the show they can be redeemed. Check out the Full Card Set List here for complete details on each card.