WARING: This Game is in a beta state and there may be bugs or issues that we need to work through together as a community

This initial play test on September 30th will start at 4:30pm PST. As soon as cards are playable please DO NOT rush to try and redeem them. There is a limitation on how many of each card can be played per livestream as follows below:

Disguise Changes = 2 per show total
Action Cards = 2 of each card per show
Game Changers = 1 per show total

NOTE: We do not have a good way yet to automatically limit how many of each type can be redeemed each show. Please ask in chat before playing a card!!

If you redeem a type of card that has already reached its maximum, your play will be forfeit and not honored live on the show.

Use the dropdown below to select which card you want to Play.