The WAX Blockchain. It has zero fees for transactions!

Secret Agent ‘Stache is the secret agent alter ego of CryptoStache the super infamous OG of NFTs

You need to have WAXP cryptocurrency to purchase. You can purchase NFT packs on the Buy Packs page. If you are new to the WAX Blockchain, Click Here

You can head on over to the Crafting tab and open your packs there. Or you can open them directly on

The game is played every Thursday at 4pm PST during the Secret Agent ‘Stache livestream on Youtube, Twitch,

When you Play the game live and “redeem” your card during the livestream, you will be sent a [REDEEMED] version of the same card to keep in your collection. You do NOT lose your NFT.

If you redeem your NFT when the show is not live, or you redeem your NFT after the maximum limit has been reached during any livestream, your redemption will be invalid.