WAX Blockchain Quickstart Guide

The WAX Blockchain is a popular NFT & collectibles focused blockchain that is carbon neutral (220,000 times more energy efficient than Ethereum) and has zero fees for transactions!

The best way to quickly get started is to signup for a Free WAX wallet here: https://create.atomichub.io/wax. The wallet is free & you only need an email or social signon to use it.

The next thing you need to do is purchase some WAXP tokens. You can do this directly in the WAX Cloud Wallet or you can go to exchanges like Binance or Bittrex to purchase and send to your WAX Cloud Wallet.

While transactions are free on the WAX blockchain, you do need a few WAXP tokens in your wallet that you can stake for resources.

CPU & RAM are the 2 main resources you need to stake in order to do things like buy, sell, and craft NFTs. Any tokens you stake are still yours and can be reused over and over or redeemed at any time. You can buy CPU & RAM in the WAX Cloud Wallet.

Now that you have signed up for the WAX Cloud Wallet, purchased some WAXP tokens, and staked a few tokens for resources you are now ready to start diving into the NFT ecosystem on WAX!